The GNT Drama School was founded in 1930, since when it has operated in tandem with the GNT. In its 80 year history a number of its graduates have gone on to become major actors and stars of the National Theatre.
Former students of the Drama School include Dimitris Horn, Mary Aroni, Vasso Manolidou, Nikos Tzogias, Melina Mercouri, Thanos Kostopoulos, Alexis Solomos, Stelios Vokovic, Nikos Kourkoulos and Anna Synodinou. Many of them went on to teach at the School, which has always been renowned for the extremely high level of its teaching. Other great names that have taught at the school include Dimitris Rondiris, Katina Paxinou, Takis Mouzenidis, Angelos Terzakis, Tassos Lignadis, Giannis Sideris, Emilios Hourmouzios and others.

School of Athens - Irene Papas 
Pireos 52, 18547 Neo Faliro 
Telephone: 210 52 25 634


The purpose of the Drama School is to train and provide guidance to young people intending to enter the acting profession. The course lasts three years and is free of charge. Its classes come into three categories: 
·    Acting This class is taught by professional actors and directors. It has three teachers a year. 
·    Theory Dramatology, History of Theatre, Modern Greek Literature and History of Cinema are taught by experts in each subject 
·    Technical Dance and Gymnastics, Dance and Expressive Movement, Greek Dancing, Stage Combat, Musical Speech Training, Theatrical Song and Set, Costume and Make-Up Design are taught in each of the three years. 



The Drama School regulations are based on the Regulatory Decree of 14 December 1943 (issue 1, sheet 416 of the Government Gazette) and Presidential Decree 336/14-9-1989 (issue 1 of the Government Gazette). 

The school is run by its Director or Head of Studies and the Association of Teachers, who are responsible for any administrative or disciplinary problem which may arise. They are accountable to the Artistic Director of the National Theatre.



Agiou Konstantinou 22-24, 10437,Athens, phones: +302105288100

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